About Us

Since 2005 when the first p2p lending company was launched, peer-to-peer lending has greatly concurred the investment space. With hundreds of companies already operational, investments worth billions have been made so far, and thousands of projects completed through this crowdfunding technique. With the growth of the peer-to-peer industry, there comes a great opportunity for you to invest and earn.

But before you invest!

It is important to note that the decisions you make in your p2p lending investment have a huge impact on your returns in the long-run. You need to make the right moves if you want to make money, but if you make the wrong and misinformed choices, the chances of losing your hard-earned cash are high. We understand that making the right investment choices is easier than done, and that’s why we’ve taken it upon us to help you achieve your financial dreams in the p2p lending industry.

So, who exactly are we?

We are a p2p review site located in Denmark. Our site is linked to the Lara affiliate Media, which has been in the affiliate business for over two years now. You can therefore be assured that we know how to pick the best from the rest; the sites that we review are the crème dela crème in the crowdfunding industry.

As a strong believer of how possible it is for investors to make money from passively investing in peer-to-peer lending, it is our passion to see to it that you also reap from these benefits.

Why should you trust us?

You’ve probably gone through reviews from other sites, and you are not sure of why you should believe us to give you the best (I also would find it difficult if I was in your position). Here’s why you should trust our reviews:

  • We are experts

There are hundreds of registered p2p lending sites in the market. We understand that you can’t analyze all of them to only settle on one or two. That is why we’ve focused on only reviewing those lending sites that are known to be the best. With the expertise in affiliate marketing, you can rest assured that we know how to spot the best products in a sea of similar products.

  • Our reviews are based on facts

Figures don’t lie; as an investor, this is something that you’ve heard over and over again. In all our reviews, we have ensured that all the statistics for a given company are made available for you. The facts and figures used are accurate and up to date. This way, you will be able to make a choice, not from hearsay, but with a clear impression of how a given p2p lending company is performing.

  • No bias

We believe in transparency, and as a p2p review site, we are not affiliated to any of the lending companies, and as such, we can guarantee you that our reviews are not biased in any way. We do not conceal the negatives of any p2p company; we will have it all shown in the review.

Our Final take

It is our greatest desire to see you succeed, and that’s we take our time to create these reviews for you. If you have any questions or need any help whatsoever related to p2p lending, feel free to contact us today!

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