Estateguru Review 2021 - How To Invest With Estateguru

What is EstateGuru?

EstateGuru is a peer-to-peer lending site that offers a platform for investors to invest in loans that are granted directly to borrowers. All loans listed on the EstateGuru website are backed by real estate property; hence, the name ‘EstateGuru’. The company has been in the peer-to-peer lending industry for six years now; it was established in 2013 to service development projects in countries such as Latvia and Estonia.

EstateGuru allows investors to register with as low as 50 euros, and can diversify their investment in the various loans listed on the platform. According to statistics presented on their website, EstateGuru has been able to finance 1140 loans, with €166,355,485 being spent.

For the years that EstateGuru has been in business, it has been able to exhibit an excellent performance track record of about 12.02% every year. However, it is uncertain of how it would perform in tough economic times as it has not experienced any recession period.

How EstateGuru operates

When you visit the EstateGuru site, you first choose whether you want to register as an investor or in need of funding. Your selection will tailor the type of loans available and other options in line with your needs. All loans listed have been extensively described, which makes it easy for investors or borrowers to understand what they are getting into. EstateGuru focuses a lot in ensuring that even the most trivial of information regarding a loan, is displayed.

Most of the loans offered on this platform are large, around € 100,000k and above. As a result, EstateGuru p2p lending is quite strict with its borrowers. A borrower has to provide details of the collateral, and there’s also a section where the borrower can be asked questions.

Aside from the loan information made available on the site, EstateGuru  also prides itself on ensuring that investors receive regular updates on the status of their investments. This is not a common thing with other platforms as they focus more on attracting lenders and not ensuring that every investment is promptly followed up. EstateGuru will notify its investors if a payment is missed and on top of that, the investor is made known of the necessary measures that are in being put in place to ensure that they get their payments.

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Loan Types on EstateGuru

You will find a good number of loans displayed on the EstateGuru site, and it is essential to have an understanding of each loan.

  • Bridge Loans 

Do not take this literally; a bridge loan is not meant for building bridges. It is a type of loan that’s issued to help finance the necessary preparation costs for a development project. The loan is serviced through the sale of the collateral property. A bridge loan is essential when one needs quick cash since the loans are issued within seven to fourteen days. However, bridge loans have higher interest rates than mortgage rates which makes them expensive to service.

  • Development Loans

This type of loan is issued for the sole purpose of developing new real estate properties. It can be granted for both residential and commercial developments. The land upon which the development is carried on is used as security for the loan.

  • Business Loans

EstateGuru offers business loans to those businesses that wish to increase their operating capital. A business loan offered by EstateGuru has to be secured by the property tied to the business.

  • Refinancing Loans

There are times when borrowers are not able to pay off their existing loans, and as such, they seek refinancing. EstateGuru offers to refinance  loans to help borrowers to pay off other loans that they have.

Features of the EstateGuru Platform

  • Auto-Investing on EstateGuru

EstateGuru allows investors to put their investments on autopilot. However, for an investor to utilize the auto-investing product, they have to have a minimum of 250 euros invested on a single project.

It is important to note that there are two types of auto-invest on estateguru. The first is basic auto-invest which only gives an investor three settings to manipulate, and the second auto-invest has eight settings. If your investment is below 250 euros per loan, you will be limited to the basic auto-invest. For investments that are above € 250 per loan, you get to use all the advanced settings available on the platform. The advanced setting can be used to come up with a better auto-investing strategy compared to the basic settings.

  • No Buyback guarantee

This is one of the drawbacks of the loans listed on EstateGuru. Without the Estateguru buyback guarantee, it creates room for more loan defaults. To protect yourself from losing your money, you should invest in more than 100 investments. This will result in you investing up to € 5,000. EstateGuru makes it easier to diversify by providing a score rating tool for diversification properly.

Your diversification is rated based on factors like location, property value, the purpose of the loan, type of loan and the amount you’ve invested on each loan.

  • Secondary Market

For years, EstateGuru did not have a secondary market which meant that investors could only exit their investments upon maturity of the loans. However, EstateGuru has been able to launch its secondary market this year which has greatly increased the number of buyers and sellers on the platform.

The secondary market provides an exit option and has increased the liquidity of the investments made. Buyers on the secondary market are not charged any fee, and only the sellers are charged a 2% fee of the total sale value.

Pros & Cons

  • The loans available have high-interest rates, which is a plus for investors
  • All the loans are secured with a collateral
  • Simple and easy to use platform
  • It has a secondary market for those investors that wish to exit early
  • High risk without the buyback guarantee
  • Auto-investing requires a high investment of above € 250

Customer support

EstateGuru has put in place a good customer support system considering the value of investments that it receives. There is a chat option available on the site which allows investors to contact the team any time they desire. However, a response can only be given during working hours, (9.00 – 18.00 Monday to Friday).


EstateGuru gives you an opportunity to make your dream come true either as a project developer or an investor. With only 50 euros, you can invest in a project and be part of an amazing project that will give you god returns in the future. You can click on the link below and sign up today, and let your investment journey begin.

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