If you are into peer-to-peer lending and are contemplating investing in Grupeer, then you’ve come to the right place. This review will help you understand what Grupeer is, how it operates, its features, and what makes it an excellent peer-to-peer investment platform.

What is Grupeer?

Alla Kisik founded Grupeer in 2016. Its located in Riga, Latvia just like Mintos. Unlike other peer-to-peer lending sites, Grupeer mainly deals with loans that relate to the real estate industry and secured business loans. However, you will also find other loans such as car loans, personal and mortgage loans on the Grupeer site.

How does Grupeer operate?

As already stated, Grupeer focuses mainly on the development sector. It connects credit companies with investors. As an investor, by investing in Grupeer, you acquire shares/rights over a certain percentage of the loans issued by loan originators. The loans you invest in are administered by the credit company issuing them hence no obligation to follow up on with the payment or any agreement affecting the loan.

It is important to note that all the loans listed on Grupeer have collateral and are issued by licensed creditors. Grupeer places great focus on carefully analyzing all the loan originators on their site before listing them. This shows how much Grupeer cares about the interest of its users.

As an investor, you can either buy part of a loan or acquire all the shares on the loan. Once you acquire the loan, you receive profits from the payments made by the borrower, according to the ratio of shares you have on the loan. The Grupeer platform carries out the task of administering all profit payments to investors.

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Who can invest via Grupeer?

The Grupeer peer-to-peer lending platform allows both individuals and companies to invest.

  • Investing as an individual

For you to qualify as an individual investor on the platform, there are certain requirements that you have to meet. The requirements include:

  • Must be of legal age, 18 years and above
  • You must reside within the European union boundaries
  • Have a bank account in the European Union or Switzerland. It is however, essential to point out that you can still set up a Grupeer platform even with an external bank account, but Grupeer will have to verify the account.

To get started on Grupeer, create an account, add some funds into the account and invest in some of the loans listed on the Grupeer site.

  • Investing as a company

Grupeer provides a platform for companies to invest their profits and earn more from it. When registering as a company, you should select that you are registering a legal entity. You may be asked to provide documentation that proves your affiliation with the company you wish to register since representatives do company sign-ups. This helps to prevent shrewd individuals from registering companies that they are not affiliated with. It is important to note that companies also have to follow the guidelines followed by individual investors.

Features of the Grupeer platform

  • Security

Peer-to-peer lending is facilitated online, and as such, it is prone to hacking attacks. Apart from the cybercrimes, investors are also at risk of losing their money to scam loan originators. That is why Grupeer has set in place measures to ensure that the loans listed on their platform are trustworthy.

To enhance security, Grupeer protects its users from fraud by ensuring that money transfer is only done between a bank account and a Grupeer account of the same name. This way, anyone that can access your account will not be able to transfer your money to their Grupeer account.

  • Auto-Invest

Having a tight schedule and having to manage an investment portfolio is not a walk in the park. However, Grupeer makes it bearable by providing the auto-invest option for investors. all you need to do is create an auto-invest strategy, and your investment will be made automatically according to the parameters you’ll have used I your auto-invest strategy. With your investment in autopilot, you have more time to spend on other vital aspects of your life like family.

  • Buyback guarantee

Every loan originator listed on Grupeer is required to provide a buyback guarantee to investors. The buyback guarantee requires a loan originator to buy back a loan that’s been defaulted for more than 60 days and make all interest accrued payments also. This ensures that an investor remains protected even if the borrower defaults payments.

It is important to note that if a loan originator goes bankrupt, an investor can still be at risk. However, Grupeer also has in place measures to avert and control such situations. Investors that are affected by bankrupt loan originators get legal representation offered by Grupeer. The lawyers will help in ensuring that full compensation is done to the investor even after bankruptcy.

  • Referral program

This feature has dramatically helped with the growth of the Grupeer platform. Investors are given a chance to earn an income by referring their friends to invest in Grupeer. Currently, every referral made you make, entitles you to up to 1.25% or less, (but nor less than 0.5%) of the total investment made by the individual or company referred by you.

Pros & Cons

  • It allows diversification- Grupeer allows investors to diversify their investments by providing loans from several loan originators, a stability fund that gives the investors an income for years, or on loans that finance development projects.
  • It has high yields- of all the P2P lending sites, Grupeer has one of the highest interest rates. Currently, the rates stand at 13.53% per annum.
  • It does not provide a secondary market, so investors are stuck with their shares
  • Though the interest rates are relatively high, they have dropped recently which is not a good sign


Grupeer provides you with a great opportunity to make a good passive income. All you need is 10 euros to start you off, and you can grow your investment with time. As a beginner investor, do not be in a rush to invest huge amounts with the hope of getting more returns, increase your investment slowly by slowly as you master the art of investing in Grupeer. Click on the button below to sign up on Grupeer today. 

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