What is Monethera?

Monethera is a peer-to-business lending platform. Monethera crowdfunding platform was launched in June 2019 and currently has fourteen active projects. It is however important to note that Monethera already existed as a private investment fund that had been operational since 2017. The bid to become public hopes to see the platform grow faster and help more businesses.

Monethera is based in Tallinn, Estonia. It is open to investors from across the world, and you can start your investment on the platform with €100. It is essential also to note that the loans that Monethera facilitates are driven from five sectors of the economy. The area of focus is on:

  • Real estate

The real estate industry is one of the robust industries currently with people and companies making millions out of it. One benefit of the real estate industry is that it appreciates over time and rarely depreciates. Monethera offers real estate projects that investors can invest in. These projects have returns of up to 19%. All projects are thoroughly analyzed before they are listed to mitigate any risks.

  • Growing businesses 

Monethera partners with upcoming small companies and provides you with a chance to invest in them. The team at Monethera is dedicated to keeping up with all market trends so that they can find promising projects for their investors. These projects have a return rate of up to 22%.

  • Organic farming & green energy

Climate activists have significantly intensified their fight against dirty energy, which pollutes the environment. As a result, a significant number of companies are coming up with projects that can help with the production of green and pure energy. Monethera partners with such companies to allow you to invest in them. You will also organic farming projects that have profitability of about 20%. Not only will these investments give you a good return, but it will also make you feel good about protecting the climate.  

  • Logistics

The transportation of products is crucial for the development of different economies. That is why both the public and private sectors are greatly investing in advanced and efficient logistics systems. Monethera is constantly on the lookout for upcoming trends in the logistics sector so that they can offer their users with profitable logistics projects.

  • Technologies

Technology has revolutionized almost every industry today. It drives innovativeness, invention, and capacity efficiency. Monethera provides investors with a list of innovative technologies that will have a significant impact and with a high profitability of up to 22%.

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How does Monethera work

Monethera allows businesses to apply for financing loans on its website. Once the loan request has been submitted, Monethera analyzes it by checking the financial status of the business, studying the business plan, studying the market, and evaluating whether the business has any legal issues.

Once the due diligence is complete, the loan is approved and listed on the Monethera website for investors to invest in it. For each listed loan, a timeline of two weeks is given for it to gather the funds that it requires. If it is not able to get the required funding, those that had invested will receive back their money, plus the interest that will have accumulated. For those projects that have managed to receive 80% funding after the two weeks elapse, Monethera invests the remaining amount in the project.

Features of the Monethera Platform

  • Secondary Market

Currently, there is no Secondary market available on the platform. This makes it difficult for investors to exit their investments unless the loan term is complete. However, there are plans to have in the future.

  • Automatic Investing

There is auto-investing on Monethera. Manual investing is the only available feature.

  • Rates

Currently, the project with the lowest rate on Monethera has a 16.40% interest, with the highest having a 21% interest. The good thing with Monethera is that interest begins to accrue immediately you make your investment and not when the project begins.

  • Fees

There are no fees charged on Monethera except for the penalty levied on early exits.

  • Support

Contact between investors and the Monethera team is currently only through the mail. You are assured of getting a response within a few working days.

  • Buyback Guarantee & Reserve Fund

Monethera offers a buyback guarantee and also has a reserve fund that’s used to facilitate early exits and secure the investments made by users.

  • Buyback guarantee

Investors that wish to get an early exit can sell back their loan at a fee of 5%. With interest payments being made at the completion of the loan terms, early exits get no interest; this makes it a loss considering the penalty charged.

  • Reserve fund

In a situation where a business defaults to make its payments, Monethera pays back 35% of the investors’ money, and the remaining amount is paid after collection from the borrower through a legal case.

Risks associated with the Monethera platform

  • Regulatory risks

It is important to note that crowdfunding is not well regulated in Europe. Every platform will therefore act upon its wishes, and some changes can have adverse effects on the market. If stringent regulation is put in place, and Monethera is not able to comply, it will have to close operations.

  • Market risks

It is important to note that businesses are usually the most hit during recession periods. If the economy went into a recession today, your investments on Monethera would suffer.

  • Performance risks

As aforementioned, Monethera existed as a private investment fund before turning into a public business crowdfunding platform. While operating as a private entity, they had a 4% default rate, and this paints a picture of how the platform can perform.

Pros & Cons

  • It has very high-interest rates
  • There is a buyback guarantee for investors that need early exits
  • It has a team of experienced project analytics
  • High risks with a limited number of investments available on the platform
  • Absence of a secondary market and auto-investing


Monethera is a promising peer-to-business platform that you should consider investing in considering its high profitability and a well-structured investment plan. However, you should remember that it is still new and has risks associated with it while investing. If you wish to invest in this platform, use the sign-up link below.

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